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I think this is very cool. I would so go on my birthday if it didn't coincide with every high-school graduation in LA County. I can only take so many seniors enjoying their graduation night, if you know what I mean.

Perhaps we'll head down for Neville's birthday in March.

Diana Baugh

I spent my 10 th birthday when Disney first opened I sat on Walt Disneys lap at the Carnation ice cream parlor back then I want to go back to spend my 62nd birthday there again. Its my most favorite place in the world to go have fun. I have been there many times but just one last time I want to go this is one of my wishes

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Wow.. Im so envious to you. You have the money to celebrate in Disneyland. When will i go there... :(.. Hopefully this year. I would like to save money so that i can travel.


Disneyland is really a good place to go. I work for social networking script and I think I wanna save so that I could go to places like this one.

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Hey that girl is looking so happy and So cute in that pics. Thanks very much for sharing this picture. I like your blog. It's very interesting. Thanks very much.... keep posting.


I remember my 10 birthday so well, I was allowed to fly..using a great Flight Simulator for the first time it was great fun.
regards Jeff

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