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Hey, happy birthday and congrats. I still remember all the excitement when you were pregnant during the Ariba/FreeMarkets merger. Time flies!


Wishing your sweet daughter a Happy Fourth Birthday!!! ;-)


OK so Ashley has pink golf clubs too! She got them last Christmas from her golf pro Godfather. She has just played her first two golf holes. We will have to get the girls together to golf!


I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Great job. But not enought info. Where can i read more?

Thank you

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Don t you think its a little short information shared...anyway send my warmest regards to your daughter on her birthday..

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Pink princess paper is a must for little girls! So is a tiara for them to wear while they are opening presents...

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Its really nice to celebrate your daughters first birthday, but the most fulfilling moment is when you see her smile.

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I have been planning a celebration for my little angel's birthday for the past 2 weeks now and with the help of my friends I was able to pull it off which made her really happy.

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I love my daughter and I always give her a children's birthday party since she was 6 now that she is 18 I'll probably give her a birthday party in one of the finest hotels here in the city.

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I am always happy every time I see the look of happiness in my daughter whenever she celebrates her birthday.

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very cute

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my daughter has been bugging me to watch new moon online on her birthday

The Rookie Blogger

this is a very cute post thanks for the information

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great reading. I recently came across your blog and enjoy reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment here. you post offen refer the very points in it.. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog more often. no doubt that the site offen mention this.

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i like your blogs. how come you stopped blogging?

Volker from Germany

ich kam durch Zufall auf diese Seite und möchte einen netten Gruß
hinterlassen ;) Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr auf meiner Homepage auch einmal vorbei schauen würdet! Vielleicht wollt ihr einmal auf Sylt/ Westerland oder an der Ostsee Urlaub machen?! Wir haben dort sehr schöne Meerblickwohnungen. Vielleicht bis bald einmal!
Herzliche Grüße
Volker Lange

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Well belated happy birthday, but it's a really nice way to celebrate your daughter's birthday

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good idea!!! i have to celebrate my Daughter's Birthday, i wanted to make an event but i did not have any idea. thanks for sharing this information. Abby Cadabby is a good option.

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Mi unisco a tutte le suddette. Possiamo parlare di questo argomento. Qui, o nel pomeriggio.


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