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Nok Jok55

yu must be a complete moron for commenting on will in this manner. I mean all this as respectful as it can sound of course. but as a dancer i can tell you that his movements are undescribable. the purity in his lines and emotion he puts into it is as beautiful as kirvin Boyd(AAADT dancer). he may not have legs but the talent and skill he has makes up for this. i cant stand when critics say stupid things like this especially when theyre dull in the department of dance. America let me down not voting him into the finals. he is truly the future of todays dance world. so i respect your decision that you made but i strongly disagree, and anyone with more than 2years of dance training could see that he waas by far the best male dancer on that show.


Nok Jok55, I have 45 years of dance experience, was even considered one of New York's prima ballerinas in my day, and I have to agree with the article. Will is a classically trained, contemporary dancer with a poor core. That will be a thorn in his side until someone is honest with him and addresses it. Danny Tidwell is the future of today's dance world. Without strong hips and a ability to dance the back, there can be no gracefulness or fluidity. You even admit that he doesn't have legs, but then go on to say he doesn't need them. This is DANCING. Emotions? I think maybe you are his mother or a relative... or perhaps the true moron. There were no emotions and that is why America didn't chose him in the end. I think they article was very kind to Will, just stating the obvious to anyone who has any dance training or an eye for beauty. Angela


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