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Absolutely too cute for words. Don't let Minnie tell "Channey" that you let her wear lipstick! It's all I can do to keep up the stock of lip gloss in this house (she also likes to use it on Cole, poor guy).

Jeremy Pepper

That's so cute. Did you sew it yourself? What'd you go as?!

Laptop Television

Are you asking me if I sewed the costume? LOL, right.

I went as a kitten... or, rather, a cougar! The Kid and I had matching whiskers too.


Thank you so much for sending the beautiful picture. My daughter, Sophie, is standing here with me and as I clicked on your link, I said, "Sophie, come and look, you're about to see a picture of a really cute little baby in a Halloween costume." Then, I opened it up, and it's a beautiful little girl -- no longer a baby. How does that happen? She's the vision of mini-Minnie loveliness.

Gina von

She is so precious. Tell Minnie that her fan club continues to grow - she really should be in an advertisement or in movies. You'd be a great deal maker!


She is adorable and how did she grow up so fast! We have to get the little tykes together one of these days! :) Miss u guys.

Minnie Mouse Party Supplies

We did a Minnie themed party for my (Minnie obsessed! ) did last year... so much fun!

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